Friday, March 30, 2018

why would anybody trade for OBJ?

OBJ is for sale.  Who wants to buy?  Maybe the Rams?  Who knows?

But what I do know is nobody should trade for him.  Very few humans are truly insane.  I think OBJ is insane.  He's not going to change.

Also, he got himself injured and (sad as it is) players are usually never the same after a horrific injury like that.

If you still don't agree with what I've written, I will simply say: Percy Harvin.

So, to recap my argument.  Teams should not (but probably will) ship a first round (or multiple first round) picks to the Giants to get a man who is:

1) Insane

2) Injured

3) Insane

4) Insane

That is all.

Unrelated photograph of insane man.

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